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About Me

Just a simple guy. Ham radio callsign W2NAP, Linux user currently using Linux Mint Debian Edition

Current equipment, Kenwood TS-2000, Yaesu FT-950 and a TYT-9000 220MHz rig.

If you are somewhere around Anderson,IN you might catch me on 144.920FM

About this site.

I decided to put up this site for well just cause. long ago I had a site where I had a large amount of radio manuals and such but lost interest in keeping it up. And now I am bored and doing it again. This is version 4 of the current run of the site so enjoy and stop over in the forums and say hello.

About the manuals page, I am listing things as I work on them, Currently have 10GB of files uploaded and more to come. Some of the pages will be divided up per model number and in them each radio will get its own little section on the page like Kenwood, Icom, and Yaesu.

Other sections in the manual pages will just be a "dump list" where everything from the manufacturer will be dumped in a list with no seperation via models. best way to find what you are looking for is go to the manufacturer page and ctrl+F "search" and search for the model you are looking for.

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