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E06 The English Man Numbers Station

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Nickname: The English Man
Activity: Active
Emission Mode: USB + Carrier, USB (formerly AM)
Voice Summary: Automated male voice.
Country of Origin: Russia
Known Frequencies Kc: Several.
Family Relatives: E17, E20(?), G06, S06, V06, M14, M24, S25

E06 is a Russian numbers station that has been active since the 1970’s. It has changed transmission modes and voices many times since then. The audio for E06 is fed through a computer there are occasionally sounds heard from the operating system.

If E06 sends more than one message, then instead of “00000”, the transmission ID is spoken again for one minute, then the regular format continues. About 10 minutes before a message, a test tone followed by the ID of the station is transmitted.

E06 schedules consist of 2 identical transmissions 1 hour apart. The latter transmission is 1-3 MHz lower or higher in frequency. In case traffic was sent, the two transmissions are usually also made the next day, at the same times and frequencies. In case of interference on the planned frequency, E06 may broadcast up to 20 kHz away instead.
Ten minutes before each transmission begins, a pre-transmission test is made. For Moscow-based operations, this consists of a long 1200 Hz tone, followed by the ID of the upcoming transmission spoken once. For Chita-based operations, this consists of "0123456789" spoken repeatedly.

E06a is a message format containing exactly 2 groups as follows:
Group 1 is always "11111."
Group 2 always begins with "000."
More often than not, there is a second, normal-looking message within the same transmission.

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