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Latest website work

Started by w2nap, Feb 22, 2023, 01:51 PM

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I finally got around to separating the repeater website ( from the main website ( and with that was some struggles. First had to spend some time reworking some page urls to make them point to the correct path. Not really bad but I tend to forget stuff or overlook stuff which then I discover days after the change over and go welp so much for easy.

Everything that was here before such as the manuals and schematics are still here in the downloads section, one note on searching within the website the downloads which has all the manuals and schematics has its own search function which it NOT part of the forums search function. So if you go to the forums and search for a manual you will get zero results, you need to search for the file in the downloads search!

I also got a "question" from the contact form.. sadly the email never made it to me due to the fact I had screwed up the email it needed to be sent to so if you recently sent a question with the contact forum please send it again, I know one person did but I do not have access to the message you sent. The contact forum is now fixed and sends to the correct address.

Also looking at a couple hamfests coming up, first is duggar on the 25th I am not 100% sure I am going, to be honest its about a 20% chance I go but if I do go I will have a table set up. the other one is the brazil hamfest on 3/11 and again not 100% I will go but its maybe a 30% chance again if I do go I will get a table.

The one I for sure will go to is the East Central Indiana hamfest in July but that is a few months away.
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