How to contact me?

email - callsign -at- (if you are smart you can figure it out)

No twatter, no garbagebook, no telegram. But you might catch me on the 442.275/147.15 repeaters in Anderson,Indiana


  1. Don’t get offended if you don’t get a response.
  2. Don’t contact me about soyleb stuff This includes all “journalists.”
  3. Don’t contact me asking me to shill your product. no consoomers here.
  4. Giving me cash will get my attention for sure.
  5. You can send me information about hamfests or ham radio events and I will add them to the calender on RadioQSO and if they are within 50 or so miles of Anderson, Indiana I’ll add them to the ScrapperRepeater websites.

XMR/Monero donations 48jewbtxe4jU3MnzJFjTs3gVFWh2nRrAMWdUuUd7Ubo375LL4SjLTnMRKBrXburvEh38QSNLrJy3EateykVCypnm6gcT9bh