Kenwood TS-2000 Filter Failure

So a couple months ago I noticed odd noise coming out of my ts-2000. It sounds like un-squelched FM audio coming out of the speakers no matter the mode or band. My guess its filter failure that some people have gotten in the past. If you search for ts-2000 filter failure you get posts talking about “static crashes” as a sign of failure. Well mine isn’t crashes it sounds like a FM radio unsquelched.

The problem is the failure of the small black ceramic filters (CF1, CF2 and CF4) on the MAIN receiver. But both MAIN and SUB receiver can have this failure. These filters are the TOKO ALFYM455E (15kHz wide) and the ALFYM455G (9kHz wide). I found equivalent filters LTM455EW (15kHz wide) and LTM455GW (9kHz wide).These have exact same electrical data, so it is safe to use them without any re-tuning of the radio. On the SUB receiver, there is 2 ceramic filters on the E (EU) version (FM-W and FM-N), the K (USA) version has only one filter (FM-W).

I hope Friday I can get it on the table to attmpt a replacement of the filters to see if that fixes the problem, If it is a fix I’ll edit this with an update.

The parts needed are L72-0985-05 and L72-0984-05 and you can get them from Kenwood east (now east coast transitor) getting 1 more of each then you need runs about $40 in 2023.

Couple sites to check out if you have this issue.
PDF of the filter fix