Youtube Adblock War

YT Adblock War

Youtube has decided to be stupid and attempt to stop the ability of blocking ads. Well that is going to end bad for google/youtube. They might as well go outside and try pissing in the wind, but the attempt is a sign they are getting desperate as Youtube is dying.

Why is google doing this? Well they are losing money as people are tired of ads shoved in their face every 3 seconds so the more ads google tries to force the more they drive people to ublockorigin or other ad blockers. Google is too stupid to figure this out they can try and fight this but they will fail. And if they was to somehow get victory well youtube would just die as many would just stop watching and go elsewhere, I know I would.

Now as for the attempt, I have yet to have this come up for me and I do have a theory as it seems people who get the “blocked” message tend to be using chrome/chromium based browswer and or windows/macos. Well what is going down with this?

Chrome/Chromium - Google is behind chome/chromium so it is possible they have some code that leaks what extentions are being used in the browser and when youtube detects adblock it will throw the message attempting to get you to turn the blocker off. I can’t be sure of it 100% but it is a good guess. But quite frank you shouldn’t be using chrome or chromium based shit anyway.

Windows/Macos - Well microshit and crapple are not good things to use in the first place (bad security and bad privacy policy) and it is also possible that the OS is leaking information which narks extention information or allows the narking of information to the youtube server. Again its a theory but possible. And frankly you shouldn’t be using microshit or crapple crap.

Now what am I running? I use Arch Linux as the OS and Firefox for my browser and I use ublock Origin (link above) and have yet to see this “you are blocked cause of ad blocker” message. Again I can’t confrim 100% this is why it hasn’t effected me but it is a good theory, And as far as I know others running Linux/Firefox hasn’t ran into this as well. (If you have then let me know and I will update this)

In the end google will not win, while they may somehow stop ad blocking I believe it would be a Pyrrhic victory as it would just result in people leaving so they lose money. If you think people will just roll over and pay for the youtube red garbage well watch this Why I will NEVER pay for YouTube Premium ever again!

The high seas around the bay of pirates may get a bit crowded soon.