Site Update 8 Sept 2021

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Site Update 8 Sept 2021

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So you might ask where did all the manuals go? and what happened to the site? Well I decided to change things again and the old site is gone, replaced by the forums you see here. Why? well I decided to upgrade the server from Debian 10 to Debian 11.

But the manuals you ask? I still have them and will upload them into the forums as I have time. I set this forum up so others can add manuals as well to take the load off of me a bit. I have some basic categories set up in the "Radio Manuals" section on the forum viewforum.php?f=40 I will add more sub categories as needed so if you have some manuals to add and a category isn't listed just contact me and I'll add it.

Why do everything from a forum? well for one I wasn't happy with the search engines just dumping the manuals into the results so people would say search for "kenwood ts-2000 service manual" and would run across the manual i have uploaded and well google and the rest of the engines would direct them to the pdf thus nobody actually seen the website so no donation for doing all this, no penny of ad money, no user creation on the forum. the manuals will be on the forums however registration will be needed to download them.
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