I am Tony aka W2NAP currently living somewhere in east central Indiana. Ham radio license since 2000 and before that spend a decade screwing around 11 meter CB.

I currently have 2 repeaters up in Anderson, IN the 442.275+ with a 151.4PL and the 147.15+ also with a 151.4PL both the repeaters are free to use for anyone and they are full time linked together this system has its roots all the way back to about 2005 and is known as the scrapper repeater due to us taking scrap and building the first repeater. scrapperrepeater.com is the repeater website.

Linux user - Using arch linux with Derek Taylor’s DTOS xmonad config cause I am lazy and don’t want to spend hours configuring shit it’s actually not a bad config so go look it up. I also sometimes use Luke Smiths “larbs” on laptops due to its very light weight no bloat no bullshit and works well on laptops.

Sometimes I get into repairing radios, lawn mowers, and other stuff. And sometimes I just like to be lazy and do nothing.

If you are into racing check out GforceTV on youtube they show dirt track racing up in Ontario Canada I tend to watch Friday nights at ohsweken speedway it’s pretty good racing.

Also a hockey fan, watch leafs games cause I like to be disappointed.